Video: Why Brad Umansky is Bullish on the Inland Empire

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Video Index (with direct links to segment)
00.08  Introduction
03:18  Where exactly is SoCal’s Inland Empire
04:43  Does it concern you that people are leaving California
07:23  Why are you bullish on the Inland Empire
11:17  What is the attitude of the Inland Empire Cities and Counties
12:52  What is your role with Retail Brokers Network and how does that help your business
16:15  What is the current status of the Inland Empire retail real estate market
19:53  What are the issues that concern you most about the Inland Empire
22:58  What do you attribute to your success
28:41  Why should you invest in the Inland Empire

Hi All:

I was recently honored to be the first guest interviewed by Howard Kline of CRE Radio & TV for his new CRE Influencers series. Howard and I have crossed paths numerous times over the years but this was our first actual interview. Not only was it very enjoyable, but we also covered a lot of timely topics relative to the current outlook for SoCal’s Inland Empire and why I continue to be bullish about the future of the commercial real estate market.

Some of the questions I answered during the interview included:

  • Does it concern you that people are leaving California for other parts of the Country?
  • Why specifically are you bullish about the Inland Empire’s future?
  • Do you find the Inland Empire City and County staffs to be helpful to work with to complete projects?
  • What retail opportunities exist in the Inland Empire?
  • What are the issues that concern you most relative to the future growth of the Inland Empire region?
  • What do you see as the impact of all the new industrial being developed to support e-commerce which is often hurting the “bricks” side of retail?
  • If I am an investor why should I invest in the Inland Empire?

My thanks again to Howard for making this interview possible.  I hope you enjoy watching and for your convenience I’ve provided an index by time in case there are just certain segments you’d like to view.

Feel free to reach out to me at with any comments or if you’d like to receive more information on the retail leasing and investment sale opportunities in SoCal’s Inland Empire.